The original all natural sleep and relaxation syrup

Our Original purple syrup's flavor has been hand-picked from France.

Made with extreme care packing the intriguing flavor of Boysenberry.

Dozzze green

dozzze- Original

Dozzze red

For those who love tropical flavors such as Pineapple, this one is for you.

Our Products

Our product was around before ZZZQuil, legal lean, hi tek relaxation syrup, wock lean, wocklean syrup, finesse syrup, make sure to only sip Dozzze. Natural, original, flavorful, and the most efficacious. We are a sleep aid syrup, melatonin syrup. This is not drank, sizzurp, purple stuff, actavis, hi-tek, mpg but it has been confused with these products, due to its quality, texture and color.